Who We Are

View of chapel from bench behind meditation garden.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our objective is to live a good and simple life. We feel there is a divine spark and creativity in every individual which requires respect and support. 


Our History

Our Mission

Our Mission

Starcross is a small, independent, monastic community located in beautiful northwestern Sonoma County, California since 1976.

Hands weeding a garden

Our Land

Our Mission

Our Land

91 acres protected by a conservation easement, ensuring that our property’s intact habitat and productive farmland is protected forever. 

Crab apple tree

A Place to Grow

We welcome visitors on many different paths. Whether you are interested in spiritual contemplation, organic agriculture, ecological outreach or social justice issues, Starcross seeks to provide an opportunity for learning and growth.

Connecting with Starcross


Monday Haiku

Each Monday we send out Haiku written by friends and members of Starcross. We hope that the image and poetry sets the tone for your week! 


Weekly "Walk" Around Starcross

We've started something new! Each week we invite you to join us for a digital "walk" through Starcross gardens, grounds & forest! 

We feel grateful to be surrounded by plants and animals that are waking up to a beautiful Spring. However, we are keenly aware that during this time of necessary self-isolation & social-distancing it may be extremely hard, and often times unsafe, for individuals to get outside. We hope that this weekly email lifts your spirits and rejuvenates you, as it does for those of us here!


Friday Reflections by Brother Toby

Our Starcross family reaches around the globe! One way that we stay connected to our friends near and far is with Brother Toby's Friday Reflections.

We invite you to subscribe to our e-list to receive a reflection that gives insight to what we are thinking about at Starcross, and Toby's thoughts on our world, culture, climate, and communities, today.

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