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Who We Are

Starcross Monastic Community is a small, independent, community of people living peaceful lives in the contemplative tradition and offering encouragement and affirmation to gentle folks on all spiritual paths.

Our home is in Sonoma County’s coastal hills. We respect and cherish the relationship between nature and spirituality. On our farm, we produce certified organic extra virgin olive oil, and farm sustainably in our gardens and orchards.

This sacred space provides a sanctuary for friends living out their unique spiritual vocations. Our current projects also include sharing reflective writings with our readers (through our e-list), responding to the needs of our local area, in which many impoverished and under-served families reside, supporting migrant families, and preserving our beautiful land for future generations.

Our story is winding and complex, stretching across the country and across the world. Throughout it all, we have striven to live peaceful and mindful lives.

So, what is Starcross? 

As a friend and local writer, Gaye LeBaron, put it in a recent article:

“I guess it would be that it is a few people and their extended family, tucked away in the northwest corner of Sonoma County, saving the world in small segments.”

Our History

Over the years, we have adopted and been caregivers and advocates for children with unique gifts and needs, most of whom were born HIV positive.  We also support individual children around the world and established Houses of Hope for children impacted by the AIDS pandemic in Romania and East Africa.

Our Mission

The objective of Starcross Monastic Community is to live a good and simple life.

We attempt to lead a prayerful, monastic life and to be one of the many presences in the world affirming the value of compassion for all. We have responded as we could to the individual needs of the suffering and the struggling, particularly children. Since 1986 we have felt a specific calling to respond to children impacted by the AIDS pandemic - in this country and abroad.

Some of us take the traditional monastic vows, while others associate in different ways. Our non-profit corporate name is “Starcross Monastic Community.” In fact and in law, we are an autonomous group of people. Although our roots are in the Western monastic experience, we have been nourished by other traditions as well and are in spiritual solidarity with many faith communities and people walking individual paths. At present we feel more authentic being inter-spiritual and standing outside the institutional structure of any particular denomination or movement.

Increasingly we reach out in response to others with different experiences from our own in the challenging circumstances of life and society. We feel there is a divine spark and creativity in every individual which requires respect and support.

Brother Toby sitting on a bench with a volunteer

Brother Toby sitting on a bench with a volunteer

"I was a stranger and you made me welcome" (Matthew 25:35)

A Sanctuary in All Senses

At Starcross we strive to keep the ancient traditions of hospice and sanctuary at the heart of the work we do, both in our community - and beyond. We are particularly drawn to supporting the causes of migrants through direct support and action, as well by partnering with local and national organizations.

Remembering Ones We Love

Evensong/Vespers Memorial Book

For over 30 years, we at Starcross have collected names in our Evensong/Vespers Memorial Book. During the week at evening meditations we read out the names of loved ones of our friends and family, in remembrance and celebration of their lives. 

We are honored to do this.

We invite you to be a part of this Starcross tradition. If you have someone that you would like to be remembered annually, please fill out the form below.

When our little Tina died, 5-year-old David said,
When she died her spirit went to God. God is in me. So, she is in me. My grandmother is in me. There are people in me I don't even know!

A child's simple, yet profound, insight that continually reminds us, where there is love, death is never the final word.

There is no cost to honor a loved one in this way - it is a privilege and part of our mission to do this for our community.