Volunteer at Starcross

There are many ways that folks come to volunteer at Starcross.


Many families or individuals come for one-time, half or full-day volunteer activities,

while some people choose to stay with us for longer for Harvesting Retreats or 

as Farm Interns with WWOOF-USA or WorkAway.

We invite you to contact us directly about any questions you have about volunteer opportunities. 



We are a host with WWOOF-USA®. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA®) is part of a worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices. 

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We are also a host site with WorkAway. Their mission as a site is in "Building a sharing community of global travellers who genuinely want to see the world whilst contributing to the places they visit." We have many folks who find us through this program who are looking for volunteer opportunities connected to agriculture, and beyond.

Ecological Projects


Our volunteers help with a variety of ecological projects. This includes clearing hiking trails through the protected “Forever Wild” forest land. Planting, weeding, watering little Redwood seedlings for the new Redwood grove being established. Repairing fences and making fire breaks around the native grassland pastures while removing invasive weeds. Protecting and beautifying the perimeters of the property by mowing and weed whacking along public roads. Maintaining areas for birds and wildlife. 

Helping Hands

One-Time Volunteering


During certain season there are opportunities to plan half-day visits to Starcross to volunteer in our garden or orchards! Bring your friends, family, schedule a work-retreat, or a plan a personal, peaceful getaway from the city! Starcross is located just 7 miles up from the coastal towns of Sea Ranch & Gualala, and just over an hour from the wine country region in Healdsburg. 

Food Pantry


The secluded rural region of northwest Sonoma county that we call home is beautiful, but it is also woefully lacking social programs for those in need. Our Food Pantry provides nutrition and sustenance for local families who struggle at times to make ends meet. The pantry runs every first and third Friday from 2-4 pm; local folks and farm volunteers organize and facilitate the Food Pantry.

ESL Classes


For many of our neighbors, English is not their first language. Several of our employees and volunteers had experience in teaching English, so we began offering free classes once a week. We provide textbooks, English/Spanish dictionaries, notebooks, and other necessary materials. Our first “semester” of classes was very successful and we look forward to offering more classes in the future.

Contact Us

Discover how you can make a difference at Starcross!

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Volunteer opportunities and projects are all scheduled in advance, and based on our current need. Please be sure to send us a message ahead of time about your interest in one-time or long-term volunteer experiences at Starcross.

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