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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has earned 8 gold medals plus 2 Best of Class, from various competitions, including the prestigious Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. Peppery and delicious, our Tuscan blend oil is robust with intense olive fruit flavor.

California Certified Organic Farm

Our trees have grown up naturally on the rolling hills of our Sonoma County homestead. Our CCOF certified organic olive oil is grown and harvested with the utmost care. What makes it so special?

The Olive Oil

Hand Harvested

Like all fresh fruits, olives must be treated gently. Friends, volunteers, and local employees help us pick the olives by hand – an old-fashioned, neighborly way to harvest.

Cold Pressed Within Hours

Great olive oil needs to be processed within a few hours. As baskets of fruit are brought in from the field, we begin pressing in the barn.


Polyphenols are the antioxidants found in olive oil.  Our 2019 Harvest yielded an extremely high polyphenol count at 850 ppm! Delicious and good for you, Olive Oil is one of the healthiest foods out there, so order some of ours and enjoy, guilt-free!


Loved by Mediterranean people for centuries, our premium quality artisan olive oil is a new taste experience for many. Our gold-winning, robustly intense oil will enliven your salads and vegetables, wake up a Tuscan bean soup or minestrone, and make a magnificent pesto sauce for your pasta.


The Trees

In 2001, we planted our first field. We planted our second in 2003. Now, 1,800 trees are planted on the peaceful slopes of our Sonoma County farm. We often hold our evening meditations in the beautiful, peaceful groves. Many of our olive trees have been dedicated by our friends in memory or in honor of loved ones. Thus, our olive trees are loved and blessed by many hearts and hands.

The nuns in the ancient Tuscan monastery of Valserena, in Italy, considered to have the finest olive oil in the Cistercian Order of monks and nuns, suggested this blend to us. “Treat your olive trees like children,” the abbess directed. And we do. We pressed the first oil for ourselves in 2006.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Treat Yourself or A Friend

Treat Yourself or A Friend

Treat Yourself or A Friend

Grab a bottle as a gift to friends when you go for dinner. Let us send some with your greetings for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, or any occasion. Stored out of the sunlight it will stay fresh for two years – but chances are you’ll use it up long before that! 

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Treat Yourself or A Friend

Treat Yourself or A Friend

In addition to purchasing via our online shop, you may contact us directly with your order or gift request, or plan a visit to Starcross and check out our Honor Produce Stand!

Price List

Grown by Starcross Monastic Community. Harvested, pressed and distributed by Starcross Family Confraternity and Friends. Ingredients: 100% Organic, Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bottled in the USA. Prices listed above do not include shipping. Please visit our online shop for more information.

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