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Starcross Chapel, white chapel with wooden cross on roof

Starcross community reaches deal to safeguard 90 acres of Sonoma County forest, farmland

Another good idea from a community known for finding ways to help where needed


PRESS RELEASE: Sonoma Land Trust protects farm, wild lands at Starcross Monastic Community

Starcross monk offers encouragement and insight through book, ‘Stepping Stones’

Starcross co-founder Sister Marti dies at 76

Remembering Starcross’ selfless good works


Christmas at Starcross (1991)

Christmas at Starcross (1991)

Christmas at Starcross (1991)

directed by: Robert Elfstrom 

produced by: Lucy Hilmer 

(1991) 50 minutes 58 min

"In northern California, a small spiritual community runs a Christmas tree farm. Out of the proceeds, they run a hospice for terminally ill AIDS babies."

If you are interested in purchasing a copy

 please contact the Starcross office 1-800-960-1500

or send a message to Sister Julie.

ABC News: Prime Time Live

Christmas at Starcross (1991)

Christmas at Starcross (1991)

In 1991 ABC News Prime Time Live carried three segments of our work in Romania and the United States.

Contacting Starcross

For press inquiries please contact Sister Julie via the Starcross Office.